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ASHA Youth Clubs

An American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth Club is the perfect place to meet other young people interested in horses, and the perfect way to become involved with American Saddlebreds. ASHA Youth Club members do not need to own a horse or even be taking riding lessons to participate. Any young person who likes horses is welcome!

In addition to a wide variety of activities and projects, both entertaining and educational, membership in an ASHA Youth Club provides the opportunity to participate in all the ASHA youth programs as well as trail rides, farm visits, clinics, horse shows and other horse-related adventures.

Each year, one special club is named ASHA Youth Club of the Year at the ASHA Annual Meeting and Youth Conference.

Information about Youth Clubs in your area, Youth Leaders’ manuals, guidelines for starting Youth Clubs, judging contests, recognized competitive events, brochures and printed educational materials are all available from ASHA. Come join the fun!

Is your club active with ASHA? Download the ASHA Youth Club renewal form.

Youth Club News


A group of 47 people, representing Junior members of the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Georgia (Jr. ASHAG), made a trip to Lexington, Kentucky. Over a span of two days (July 11-12. 2014), they visited Lexington Junior League Horse Show, The Kentucky Horse Park, The American Saddlebred Museum, Breyerfest, Grey Ridge Farm, Sunrise Stables, and Blue Willow Farm. 

The following recognition was read at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show on Friday and Saturday nights:

"Tonight, Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show would like to recognize a group of 47 Saddlebred enthusiasts from Georgia in attendance tonight. This special group is ‘the Junior American Saddlebred Horse Association of Georgia’ better known as ‘Junior ASHAG.’ Junior ASHAG has a 35 year history and is the recognized American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth Club for the State of Georgia.

Over this past year these young riders and their advisers made a concentrated effort to raise funds to make this trip to Lexington and the Red Mile possible. Junior ASHAG was actively involved with a Facebook online art contest whose winning drawing became the front of a T-shirt.  Through the sales of these t-shirts at local Georgia horse shows and other fund raising events, the trip to Lexington became a reality.

Junior ASHAG would like to thank Chan Sutton, Kitty Bell, Brooke Norton, Beth Snider, Melissa Moore, Bret Day, Julie Kaufman, Nelson Green, Michelle Partridge, the Kentucky Horse Park, and the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show for the warm Kentucky Welcome and for making this a memorable visit to Lexington!

Congratulations Junior ASHAG riders! We hope you are enjoying your trip to Kentucky and to the Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show!”